Hey you!

Yes, you. Don’t look behind you, there is no one there. I am talking to you; the guy that plays poker at night after work and leaves with $300 less than he started. The lady that goes to the card room because her husband is golfing, but there goes another $500. You see people cashing out. But it’s a rarity for you. Or maybe you’re the one who is winning $100 here and there but can’t break through to cash out with a rack of reds and greens. Livepokercoach is here to save the day–because I, too, am tired. I am tired of seeing smart people, people that are educated, people with above average intelligence, people just like you, losing at poker. There is no excuse. Follow me to the cashout window. Let’s get started.

Here at LPC, you are going to learn from a peer. You are going to learn from someone who plays in the same games that you do: 1-3 and 2-5 No Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha. Home games, card rooms, casinos, I’ve beaten them all, and now you can too. There are big name coaches out there who have earned millions on the tournament circuit. They are great. But they do not play in the games that you play. Learn from a me!  I’ve won well over six figures playing in the same games that you are losing $200, $300, and $500 in.

For less than the gym membership that you pay each month (and probably don’t use) you can become a winning poker player. So sign up now and start cashing out! Here is what you get:
• No contracts or sign up fees
• an hour chat session every week via msngr
• daily lessons emailed directly to you
• random puzzles and contests via twitter or email
• 7-day free trial
• referral bonus program
• education on NLH and PLO cash games
• 1-on-1 coaching and poker talk via email anytime you want. Hand analysis, questions answered, etc

Ready to start winning? Ready to start racking your chips up and going to the cashier? Follow me; let’s go cash out.